Johnson Window Films

Our security film can only be applied to flat glass, because of it’s thickness it will not adhere to curved surfaces. It is ideal for commercial vehicles and side windows on regular cars.


MARATHON Series (Tint Specifications)

If you are looking for the instant upgrade for your vehicle, a sleek tinted look with optimum sun protection, the Johnson Marathon series is our preferred choice. Superior in colour, performance and durability the Marathon series will give you many years of driving satisfaction.

Choose from tinted finishes ranging from light to very dark that complement factory-tinted windows, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

MARATHON Universal Black High Performance Films (From lightest to darkest)

  • Marathon MN45 (VLT 46%)
  • Marathon MN35 (VLT 37%)
  • Marathon MN30 (VLT 30%)
  • Marathon MN20 (VLT 20%)
  • Marathon MN15 (VLT 17%)
  • Marathon MN05 (VLT5%)

VLT stands for variable light transmittance i.e. the percentage of light the films allows to pass through. The lower the percentage of VLT, the darker the film.