Thatcham recognised installer

The quality of any aftermarket vehicle security system is only as good as the quality of the installation.

This is why the Thatcham Recognised Installer scheme exists, it assures that the installer meets the necessary criteria and carries out a first class installation every time.

Caterham In Car Systems Ltd were one of the first companies to join this scheme and we register the installations we do with Thatcham,this means our customers get a certificate emailed to them directly from Thatcham.

Many companies advertise the Thatcham logo and claim they are Thatcham approved, in most cases this is not true so beware who you choose to install your security device.

Over 50 per cent of Thatcham Approved Tracking devices are not installed by Thatcham Recognised Installers.

All of our installations are carried out by our own staff, we never use subcontractors so we know our installations are carried out to the highest standard.

Thatcham Research Standard Certificate