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Caterham In-Car Systems is approved by TASSA, an insurance related body that helps firms obtain proof that a professional installer has undertaken work that can reduce insurance costs. While most people are aware that products, such as vehicle dash cams, reverse cameras, window tinting film, ghost immobilisers and stolen vehicle tracking systems, e.g Thatcham S5 Trackers, increase car security, many do not realise that they can also impact the cost of your car insurance. Customers in Banstead might be surprised to learn that most car insurance providers acknowledge the lengths you go to in order to keep a vehicle safe and secure, and will actually reward you for it.

This page explains how the products and services we provide to improve car security can affect the cost of your car insurance, as well as potentially provide you with evidence in insurance claims.

Reducing Insurance Costs & Protecting Vehicles

Vehicle Dash Cams & Reverse Cameras – While there are several benefits to installing a vehicle dash cam or reverse cameras in your car, such as encouraging good driving and fighting crime, many customers in Banstead are unaware that this technology can reduce the cost of their car insurance by around 10-15%. Some providers, such as RAC, even offer a cashback reward for buying vehicle dash cams directly from them. Vehicle dash cams and reverse cameras can provide clear evidence of a road accident in the Banstead area, helping to resolve insurance claims fairly and quickly. They may even help to protect your no-claims bonus.

It is important to carefully read the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, as some providers stipulate a particular brand of vehicle dash cam for quality control purposes.

Window Tinting – Whenever adding a modification to your vehicle, such as changing the suspension, engine or interior, it is important to notify your insurance provider, or you may risk invalidating your insurance. There are very clear laws regarding window tinting, which state that the front windscreen and front side windows of cars registered before 1st April 1985 must allow at least 70% of light through. This amount raises to at least 75% for vehicles registered after that date.

While window tinting may improve car security for drivers in Banstead, it does not directly increase or lower the cost of your car insurance. However, such modifications could add value to a vehicle and possibly make it more of a target for theft, which may in turn affect your insurance costs.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems – Insurance approved trackers are increasingly important for improving car security. Many major insurance providers now mandate that owners must install appropriate devices, such as our Thatcham S5 Trackers and S7 stolen vehicle tracking systems. The simple truth is that having a car security system which may help you recover a stolen vehicle, is likely to significantly reduce your car insurance premiums.

It is worth noting that while your insurance costs may work out cheaper, stolen vehicle tracking devices can be expensive and may even have a yearly subscription fee. This could end up cancelling out your insurance savings.

Alarms & Ghost Immobilisers – Although most new cars come with alarms and ghost immobilisers as standard, there are countless vehicles on the road in the Banstead area without these car security systems. Fitting Thatcham S5 Trackers and approved alarms or ghost immobilisers acts as a theft deterrent, and therefore can lower the amount you pay on your car insurance.

It is worth checking with your provider to see what products they encourage, as even mechanical steering wheel locks can help reduce your premiums with some providers.

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