Why Caterham In-Car Systems for Everything From Stolen Vehicle Tracking to Reverse Cameras in Haywards Heath? | Caterham In-Car Systems

TASSA Approved – Many clients from Haywards Heath, from private motorists and automotive companies, to main dealerships, visit us looking to have insurance-mandated after-market upgrades professionally installed in their vehicle. Oftentimes, it’s to look to reduce premiums – or simply grant access to a particular policy. While reverse cameras and window tinting fall outside this category of works, vehicle dash cams, ghost immobilisers and vehicle tracking systems (e.g Thatcham S5 Trackers, seen as mandatory for the insurance of high-value vehicles) certainly can.

But insurers are keen to confirm that the installation has been undertaken by professionals, to ensure the device is going to work properly, and isn’t at risk of actively causing vulnerabilities. This is where TASSA comes in, as an insurance related body which verifies professional installations. We are proud to be a TASSA approved installer, helping Haywards Heath clients get the most out of their insurance coverage.

An Impressive Client List – We’ve mentioned that we undertake the installation of vehicle dash cams, reverse cameras, stolen vehicle tracking systems, window tinting and ghost immobilisers for main dealerships in and around Haywards Heath. What kinds of dealerships? Aston Martin, BMW, Jaguar and Lexus, to name just a few.

These kinds of names attest to the kind of reputation that we’ve built at Caterham In-Car systems since first opening up shop, back in the 90s. It also explains why so many of the best manufacturers trust us not only to fit their systems, but to accurately represent their USP’s to clients, acting as frontline specialists who can ensure you, the customer, have the best possible experience with their technology.

A Wide Range of Products – Our Haywards Heath clients come to us with different vehicles, different needs, different budgets; we weigh up all these factors in providing bespoke advice, so you can find the perfect product, whatever you’re here for. Buying these kinds of products online, stolen vehicle trackers, ghost immobilisers, window tinting films, reverse cameras and vehicle dash cams, can be a risky endeavour.

You don’t have professionals on hand to ensure you get something that ticks the boxes on your wish list, without getting ripped off by an unscrupulous vendor whose wars aren’t what they profess to be, and you also don’t benefit from a professional standard of installation, which can make all the difference between something working as intended, and something compromising your vehicle. With expensive, complicated products such as Thatcham S5 Trackers, and when car security is at stake, it really makes all the difference, getting face-to-face advice and assistance.

For after-market upgrades in Haywards Heath, including the professional installation of car security improvements such as vehicle tracking devices and reverse cameras, look no further than Caterham In-Car Systems.