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The persistence of thieves, and the widening arsenal of methods they employ to steal vehicles, means that it isn’t always possible to prevent the act from happening. However, stolen vehicle tracking technology gives you a 95% chance of retrieving it should the situation arise, making it an incredibly effective means of protecting your investment.

Caterham-In-Car Systems supplies and installs some of the best stolen vehicle tracking devices on the market, serving private customers, local automotive franchises and dealerships in areas including Banstead, Brighton, Caterham, Crawley, Coulsdon, Redhill, Reigate and Haywards Heath. This includes Aston Martin, BMW, Jaguar and Lexus dealerships, which trust our expertise and the quality of installation we provide.

Our Stolen Vehicle Tracking Products

  • Metatrak Shield
  • Metatrak S7/ALS
  • Metatrak S5/VTS
  • Metatrak S5/VTS Deadlock
  • Scorpion Track Driver S7/ALS
  • Scorpion Track Driver S5/VTS
  • Scorpion Track Fleet
  • Trackstar S7/ALS
  • Trackstar S5/VTS
  • Vodafone Automotive Protect & Connect S7/ALS
  • Vodafone Automotive Protect & Connect S5/VTS
  • Vodafone Automotive Protect & Connect S5 Plus

Types of Tracker

S5 and S7 are both categories of vehicle tracking systems that are designed to help locate stolen vehicles. However, there are some key differences between the two.

S5 tracking systems are the highest level of accreditation for stolen vehicle tracking in the UK. They use a combination of GPS and GSM technology to provide real-time location information, and are installed by accredited engineers, like those at Caterham In-Car Systems. S5 systems also come with immobilisation features that can remotely prevent the engine from starting, making it more difficult for thieves to drive away with the vehicle.

S7 tracking systems, on the other hand, are a lower level of accreditation. They typically use GPS technology to provide location information, but do not have immobilisation features. One key draw of category S7 vehicle stolen vehicle tracking, is that products in this category are cheaper, making them ideal for those looking to improve car security on a strict budget.

Keep in mind that many insurance companies insist that vehicles above certain values feature S5 stolen vehicle tracking systems, due to the higher level of security and protection provided. But if you’re situated around Banstead, Brighton, Caterham, Crawley, Coulsdon, Redhill, Reigate or Haywards Heath, and are unsure which to opt for, we urge you to contact our team for bespoke advice.

To learn more about our Thatcham S5 Trackers, navigate to their dedicated page by clicking here.

How Stolen Vehicle Tracking Works…

VHF – This stands for Very High Frequency, and is a form of signalling preferred by companies such as TRACKER. Emitted VHF signals can be detected even when vehicles have been transported to underground car parks or steel containers. Police have been found to return around 86% of VHF stolen vehicle tracking-equipped vehicles in just 24 hours.

GPS/GSM/GPRS – We use these types of signals in many of our navigational devices. They’re also suited to stolen vehicle tracking, with companies like Meta Trak and Vodafone CobaTrak opting to incorporate them within their products. These devices send a live signal to secure control centres, allowing for round-the-clock monitoring, all year round.

Automatic Driver Recognition – Category S5 stolen vehicle tracking systems, including products developed and manufactured by TRACKER, will often include a fob to identify approved drivers. The support network notifies customers around Banstead, Brighton, Caterham, Crawley, Coulsdon, Redhill, Reigate or Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas if their vehicle is operated by an unrecognised driver.

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