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How can I customise my window tinting?

Clients visiting Caterham In-Car Systems can choose between various types of window tints such as dyed, metalised, ceramic, or hybrid – these can give an eye-catching aesthetic to your vehicle. The tint's darkness and colour options are also totally in your hands, as we have window tinting films from top manufacturers ranging from almost transparent to completely black. Other things to consider include the level of insulation, UV protection, and privacy you desire.

What kinds of signals do stolen vehicle tracking systems employ?

Over the years, manufacturers have continued to push the envelope, developing stolen vehicle tracking systems that employ various types of signal. The most common types of signals are GPS (Global Positioning System) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). GPS signals are used to track the location of the vehicle, while GSM signals are used to send and receive data between the tracking device and the tracking centre.

Other stolen vehicle tracking systems use RF (Radio Frequency) signals or VHF (Very High Frequency) signals to communicate. RF signals are often used for short-range tracking, so are less in favour in this day and age. Caterham In-Car Systems does have a range of products which use VHF signals, however. These can be used for longer-range tracking in remote areas. Some also incorporate features associated with ghost immobilisers, as you’ll see with our famous Thatcham S5 Trackers.

Why are so many new vehicles being fitted out with reverse cameras?

Reverse cameras are being installed in new vehicles to improve safety and prevent accidents while reversing. The cameras provide a wide-angle view of the area behind the vehicle, which can help drivers to see potential obstacles, pedestrians or other vehicles that may be out of their line of sight.

This can be especially helpful in crowded parking lots or when backing up in low-light conditions, and for Caterham residents who simply have slightly awkward driveways that require a bit of finesse to back into. Reverse cameras may also reduce the risk of property damage or injuries, making them an important safety feature in modern vehicles, available for all marquees as an after-market upgrades.

Where is footage from vehicle dash cams stored?

Vehicle dash cam footage is typically stored on a memory card that is inserted into the dash cam device. The memory card is usually a microSD card, which can store several hours of video footage depending on its storage capacity and the quality of the footage. Some dash cams may also have internal storage, but this is less common. Once the memory card is full, the dash cam will either overwrite the oldest footage or stop recording, depending on the settings. The footage can be transferred to a computer or other device for viewing, sharing, or storage.

Why are people so high on Thatcham S5 Trackers?

Thatcham S5 trackers are highly coveted because they are considered to be the most advanced and secure vehicle tracking systems available, providing an unprecedented level of car security. They use GPS and GSM signals to provide real-time tracking and location information, and also incorporate additional features such as those found in ghost immobilisers, e.g driver ID verification.

These features make it extremely difficult for thieves to steal and resell the vehicle, and also provide peace of mind to the vehicle owner. Thatcham S5 trackers are also recognised and approved by insurance companies, which may offer discounts on premiums to vehicles equipped with them. And as TASSA approved installers, said companies trust Caterham In-Car Systems to install them properly.

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