Installing Ghost Immobilisers in Crawley, Reigate & All Surrounding Areas | Caterham In-Car Systems

Some of our most popular and effective car security products are what are referred to as ghost immobilisers. At Caterham In-Car Systems, we are proud to be an approved installer of ghost immobilisers developed by Autowatch UK, a leading name in in the vehicle security industry since 1993. These are sophisticated, cost-effective car security solutions we recommend to discerning motorists in nearby areas from Banstead to Brighton, Caterham to Crawley, Coulsdon to Redhill, and Reigate to Haywards Heath.

Protect Yourself from Key Cloning & Theft

Two of the most common modern vehicle theft techniques are key cloning and key theft. Ghost immobilisers are the perfect car security solutions to protect against them, as they don’t use key fobs or LEDs. Instead, you’ll create a pin code which you’ll enter each time you start up the engine, using existing buttons in your vehicle on the centre console, steering wheel or door panels.

The longer the PIN, the safer you are. PINs can be up to 20 button presses long. Users can also download a smartphone application that links with ghost immobilisers, allowing you to by-pass the need for manually entering a PIN.

How Ghost Immobilisers Work

Ghost immobilisers are electronic car security devices designed to prevent unauthorised access and theft of vehicles. They achieve this by disrupting the connection between the vehicle's key and its engine control unit (ECU). When a driver enters the correct key code into the ignition, ghost immobilisers allow the signal to pass through to the ECU, enabling the engine to start.

However, if an unauthorized person attempts to start the vehicle, ghost immobilisers block the signal from reaching the ECU, preventing the engine from starting. Ghost immobilisers are installed discreetly within the vehicle's wiring system, making them difficult for potential thieves to locate and bypass.

We recommend Autowatch UK ghost immobilisers to motorists in the following areas looking to vastly improve their car security:

  • Banstead
  • Brighton
  • Caterham
  • Crawley
  • Coulsdon
  • Redhill
  • Reigate
  • Haywards Heath

Learn more about how ghost immobilisers can help you keep your pride and joy safe from theft. Call Caterham In-Car Systems on 01883 343 393.