The Importance of After Market Upgrades for Car Security in Crawley | Caterham In-Car Systems

We find many of our Crawley clients find car security a major concern they wish to spend time and money addressing, especially in light of the increasing number of car thefts reported worldwide. To keep vehicles safe, many will invest in after-market upgrades such as ghost immobilisers and stolen vehicle tracking systems – from budget S7 systems, to top of the line Thatcham S5 Trackers. These upgrades have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their effectiveness in preventing car thefts and aiding in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Other reasons our clients visit Caterham In-Car Systems, include the installation of reverse cameras and dash cameras. While not directly pertaining to car security, they can reduce insurance premiums, provide evidence in claims and cases where a road accident was not your fault, or simply help you get in and out of parking spaces without hitting obstacles.

When Thieves’ Luck Runs Out – Ghost Immobilisers

Ghost immobilisers are a type of electronic security system that prevents a vehicle from being started without the correct key or fob. The system works by immobilising the engine, making it impossible to start the car without the correct key.

Ghost immobilisers should always be installed by seasoned professionals, such as ours in Crawley, and the installation process involves wiring the system into the car's electrical system. Once installed, the system can only be deactivated using a unique code or by using the correct key or fob; some modern ghost immobilisers we install, such as our Autowatch systems, also allow you to disengage through the use of a phone app.

On Their Trail – Stolen Vehicle Tracking Systems

Stolen vehicle tracking systems, on the other hand, are designed to help recover stolen vehicles. These systems use GPS technology to track the location of the car in real-time. The tracking system is usually hidden somewhere in the car, making it difficult for thieves to detect and remove it. If a car is stolen, the owner can contact the tracking company, who will then use the GPS data to locate the car and alert the authorities in Crawley, or wherever your vehicle has been taken (even overseas).

Other Car Security Factors

It's also worth considering other security measures that Crawley car owners can take to prevent theft. One of the most effective ways to deter thieves is to keep the car locked and parked in a secure location. It's also important to keep valuables out of sight and to avoid leaving spare keys in obvious places, such as under the car mat or in the glove compartment. Window tinting – as offered at our in-house experts, The Tint Shack – can also deter thieves from smash and grabs and similar crimes, as they simply can’t see if there are any valuables in the vehicle.

So why not visit Caterham In-Car Systems for after-market upgrades such as ghost immobilisers and stolen vehicle tracking systems, which provide additional security and peace of mind. While here, consider adding reverse cameras, vehicle dash cams or window tinting, to further enhance the functionality and range of features your car makes use of.

If you’re looking to shore up car security, or simply benefit from after-market upgrades such as window tinting and reverse cameras, visit Caterham In-Car Systems near Crawley.